Stir Fry Your Way

Step 1: Choose Your Main Ingredient

TOFU (Fried or Soft) 

Step 2: Choose Your Vegetable Mix

SPRING VEGGIE MIX - Snap Peas, Broccoli, Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts, and Carrots

THAI VEGGIE MIX - Carrots, Baby Corn, Mushroom, Edamame Beans, and Zucchini

CUSTOM VEGGIES - Choose up to 5 veggies from either of the above mixes

Step 3: Choose Your Sauce

THAI PEPPER - Savory brown sauce with cilantro and spicy Thai chilies

KUNG PAO - Hot and peppery, kicked up with Asian dry chili peppers

SZECHUAN GARLIC - Classic brown sauce jazzed up with garlic and peppers

SPICY PEANUT - Creamy blend of coconut milk and ground peanuts

LEMONGRASS BASIL SAUCE - Light citrus sauce with the zip of fresh ginger, Thai basil and lemongrass

COCONUT CURRY - A rich, complex curry with coconut milk and exotic spices

TERIYAKI - Japanese-style tangy brown sauce with sweet mirin

CLASSIC CHINESE - Traditional brown sauce with zesty ginger and garlic

GINGER WHITE WINE - Light white-wine sauce with a zip of fresh ginger

Step 4: Choose Rice or Noodles

White Rice       Brown Rice           Fried Rice          Lettuce Mix
Ramen Lomein           Flat Rice Chow Fun           Rice Vermicelli           Thin Rice Sticks

Gluten free option avaliable

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Vegetarian option avaliable

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