Online Ordering Now Available

Fire Bowl Cafe now accepts orders online. Easily enter an individual or group order and pick it up at the location and time you specify.

Simply click on the Order Online link at the top of the page to find each location and links to access each location’s ordering system.

An online ordering account allows you to save your order preferences, easily place orders, view your order history and re-order based on previous orders.

Find Your New Favorite!

Fire Bowl Cafe have some new favorites for you.  Lettuce Wrap Platter, Spicy Caramel Wings, Drunken Noodle, and Crispy Orange Chicken are just a few of the new items you can try. We are excited about adding new vegetarian and Gluten Free menu items. And don’t worry, your old favorites are still here too!

Fire Bowl Gets Social

If you are a fan of Fire Bowl Cafe, you can let everyone know by liking us and tweeting us. That’s right we are now available on Facebook and Twitter. And the best part is once you are following us, you will be able to see all of the latest news, including our in store promotions and best deals.

Find the Fire Bowl Cafe facebook page at or click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of our website pages.

Find us on Twitter at or just click on the Twitter icon at the bottom of our website pages.

Our Menu

The Fire Bowl Cafe menu lets you build your meal, your way.

Our selection of appetizers are perfect for firing up your appetite or providing a light meal.

Soups & Salads
The name says it all, warm and comforting soups and fresh, healthy salad options.

Stir Fry Your Way
Our main feature lets you choose from a variety of main ingredients (meats, seafood or tofu), fresh vegetables and unique, savory sauces. Your ingredients are wok tossed fresh to your order and served over your choice of rice or noodles.

Noodle & Rice Bowls
Choose from one of our specialty rice or noodle bowls like our top selling Fire Bowl Fried Rice, our sizzling signature Fire Noodles or a tasty and comforting Thai Tom Kah noodle soup bowl.

Traditional Favorites
Choose one of our mouth watering crispy chicken entrees like General TSO's, Crispy Orange, Sweet & Sour or Sesame Chicken.

Kids Bowls
A selection guaranteed to please your little eaters.

About Our Menu

Look for these symbols throughout our menu to guide your menu choices, they let you know about dietary options available to you.


Gluten Free Menu Options at Fire Bowl Cafe

 The following are Gluten Free options available at Fire Bowl Cafe.


  • Edamame
  • Soft Thai Summer Roll - Sorry the peanut sauce is NOT GF but you can substitute our Asian Citrus dressing or sweet chili dipping sauce as a gluten free alternative.

Soups & Salads

  • Spicy Coconut Soup
  • Miso Tofu Soup
  • Signature Salad
  • Side Salad
  • Asian Slaw

Stir Fry Your Way

  1. Any Main Ingredient
  2. Any Veggie Mix
  3. Sauces: Lemongrass Basil, Coconut Curry, Ginger White Wine
  4. Rice/Noodles: Steamed White or Brown Rice, Lettuce Mix, Flat Rice Chow Fun, Rice Vermicelli, Thin Rice Sticks

Noodle & Rice Bowls

  • Thai Tom Kah Noodle Soup Bowl

As new GF options become available we will be sure to let you know about it right here!

Eating Vegetarian at Fire Bowl Cafe

Eating Vegetarian

Eating vegetarian at Fire Bowl Cafe is easy!

We have a broad selection of vegetarian dining options, just look for the menu items with a leaf symbol.

These dishes are made with vegetarian sauce and can be made vegetarian simply by choosing tofu or veggies for your main ingredient instead of a meat choice.

Fast, Fresh, Healthy

Fast, fresh and healthy is what Fire Bowl Cafe is all about.

When you eat at Fire Bowl Cafe, you can take comfort in the fact that:

  • Every dish is made fresh to your order
  • We use only the finest and freshest ingredients
  • Vegetarian options are available
  • Gluten Free options are available
  • We can customize dishes to accommodate special dietary needs
  • We use all white meat chicken, USDA Select and Choice beef and real seafood
  • Our food is cooked with 100% cholesterol free, 0g Trans Fat vegetable oil
  • We never add MSG and most menu options are MSG FREE

Food Allergies or Sensitivities?

At Fire Bowl Cafe, we’re committed to making every guest’s dining experience an exceptional one, including our guests with food allergies. Dining out can be a challenge for those with allergies or specific dietary requirements, which is why Fire Bowl Café is proud to offer an allergen menu to help you make more informed choices. The special menu outlines the common allergens found in our dishes, including: wheat/gluten, eggs, peanuts, dairy, soy, crab, fish, and shrimp.

When dining at Fire Bowl, please make your cashier aware of your allergies. Our expert crew members and managers can provide you our allergen menu, help you select a dish that meets your individual needs and answer any questions you may have.

At Fire Bowl a top priority is always the health and safety of our guest. As part of our commitment to you, our allergen guide is based on products information provided by Fire Bowl’s approved food manufactures. Every effort is made to keep this information current. However, it is possible that ingredients changes and substitutions may occur due to the difference in regional suppliers, recipe revisions, preparation techniques and/or the season of the year. We highly recommend that our guest with food allergies or special dietary needs consult with a restaurant manager prior to placing an order to ensure the posted information is accurate and represents the menu item.

Fire Bowl Café restaurants are often busy and cross contamination may occur between ingredients, including allergens, thus it is important you are aware of ingredients listed in specific menu items. Since all of our dishes are prepared-to-order at Fire Bowl, our normal kitchen operations may involve shared cooking and preparation areas. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that any menu item can be completely allergen free.

Fire Bowl Café and its employees do not assume responsibility for a particular sensitivity or allergy to any food provided in our restaurant. We encourage anyone with food allergies or sensitivities to talk to a store Manager or contact Fire Bowl Café at to receive the most up-to-date information regarding food allergens in products used in our restaurants.

Need A Lot of Sizzle? We Cater!

Have an upcoming event at your home or office?  Most of our menu items can easily be prepared for a large group.  We have pickup and delivery options for large orders available from most locations.

If you are interested in having Fire Bowl Cafe cater your upcoming event please contact the Location nearest you and talk with a store Manager about placing an order for party size trays.

It is that easy!